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    Well, if you are watching this post,  this mean you may or may not know much about  mini 4wd.

    So, I am here to show you all the basic knowledge you need to know.

    What is Mini 4wd?

    Mini 4wd is 1/32 scale movable model car produced by TAMIYA. The car will need chassis,motor, two AA battery, roller, body cover, power switch, tire, transmission, power contact and gear set to complete and race. It operate by two AA battery and motor, mini car requires special track to race,  the roller at the sides will against the wall of track, while car turns either left or right.

    How is mini 4wd work?

    Mini 4wd needs chassis,motor, two AA batteries, roller, body cover, power switch, tire, transmission, power contact and gear set.

    All the parts you are using will installed on the chassis.

    The rollers will help car turns smoother and faster.

    Body cover will protect your car from damage when you car fly out of track, also you can modify the body, like painting or redesign them

    Battery will support power to the car

    Motor will transfer power from battery’s electricity

    Gear set will transfer power from motor to transmission

    Transmission will get power from gear give the power to tire.

    How to race?

    When you are ready, go to hobby shop, car will need to start from the start line. Most of time, race will grab the rear of the car, waiting for signal or people say 3,2,1 go! then release the car, when the car finish the race, stop the car from the front of the car, or best way is using car catcher.

    Notice !

    Always check your car, screw, tire, body, battery holder is stay on and tight before you race !

    Do not run your car opposite the way !

    Do not hold your wheel while car still power on !

    Do not press the car while the car on any where !

    Do not step on the track !

    Do not run or jump through the track !

    Do not use any other car to stop car !





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