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    One of the elements to improve your car is tire. Tire like shoes, you will need to choose right shoes for what do you want, if you are going to play basketball, then basketball shoes is what you need. Same here,  you may want to pick tire according the track you are going yo race. Tamiya got a lot of tires, different color, different size, different friction.

    Small diameter:

    Small Dia Offset Tread Tire

    These small diameter offset tread tires for Mini 4WD cars allow you to change the tread position to better prepare your machine for the track.

    Small Dia Carbon Wheels – w/White Arched Tires.

    S Dia Plated Wheels/Tires – Super X Blue w/Low Fric Washer

    Low profile :


    You will find those three in the most of kit of MA chassis.


    Those two are same compound, you will see them in some special edition.

    This tire has two tread, one side for speed but may not stable, one side for stable, but not gives much speed.

    Large diameter:

    This tire has nice grab, because it’s soft tire. Try to keep it clean, the dusty will decrease the friction.


    Those two are offset tire, change side of tire will give different performance .

    Hard tire, good for turn


    Soft tire, nice grab but will slow down when car turns.

    Hard tire, rear is thick than front, will give more acceleration.

    Large diameter Low Profile :


       Extra large size will give car more top speed, but because it’s too high you need to be careful the car will not stable.

    Sponge Tires

    Reston Sponge Tires

    Narrow Reston Sponge Tires

    Very good crab, good for speed but has a lot of friction.

    Low Rebound Sponge Tires

    Here are some common tire, of course there are different tire out there.

    Anyway, each tire has own feature, you need to according to the track you are going to race, find out you want more friction or less and big size tire or small size.

    Most of time, small diameter tire has better acceleration but low top speed. Small diameter will lower the center gravity of the car, makes it stable.

    Large diameter tire has better top speed but less acceleration.

    You have seen different color tire, most of tire, black color is medium tire between soft and hard, clear color is soft, blue, red, white may same.

    Tire not only have those futures, but also has more use like design or even professional setting needed. We will write different post later to show those special tire.

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