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    Before we have discussed two elements to make your car faster. Motor is power maker, tire is shoes, today we are going to talk about power deliver–gear. Motor get electricity from battery turning into power, gear will deliver the power to shaft and tire. Mini 4wd has different gear ratio,  we should know those ratio and use proper ratio according to the layout you are going to race.

    Single shaft motor


    RED 4.2:1

    BLACK  4:1



    Gear Set

    Double shaft motor:




    Two chats will help you to understand different between gear and performance .

    You should know when you changed big ratio will slows down the speed but give you more torque, you can apply it into layout with bank and slop, high torque help you climb and get good acceleration. Less gear ratio good for straight, it kill battery faster than big gear ratio when you combo with big tire, and motor gets hot fast.

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