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    Now, we have knewn three improtant elements to make your car faster. Those three will make your car double time or triple time faster than stock, during this time you will find out your car will be easy fly out of track, especially corner, slop, bank, lane change !

    People will ask why ? and how to solve the problem? Today, we will go throught everything you will need and help you to find out the solution.

    First, let’s talk about coner. When car run into corner, centrifugal force will push up your car to the opposite direction of the turn, let’s say the turn is turnning to right, the centrifugal force will push car goes left, so the car may turn over and fly out of track.  To solve this problem, you will need to add a paire of stablizer to keep car stay on the track, why? Because when your car goes into turinning, centrifugal force will make your car turn over, but if you have stablizer above the roller, when car turn over the stablizer will give support, push your car back to track. Check picture below.

         This picture is showing that roller position when car is running in the straight.

    This picture is showing the roller position, when car is running corner. Centrifugal force will push car goes opposite way of the corner, car will loss support and incline your car.

    If you add a stabilizer, it will give support to roller, and push car back to track.

    Lane change:

    Did your car wobble or fly out when car pass lane change ?

    Lane change has four parts, two slops and two S curves, looks like mountain. let’s go through the process when car pass lane change, when your car hits slop, car goes up then meets S curve to the top finally pass other S curve goes down. So how does the car fly out or not stable happen ?



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