FINAL RACE Visionaire ミニ四駆 Racing (DATE CHANGED)

GRAND FINALE RACE MOVED TO Sun. 01/14 (was 01/07)

(Due to a major water leak during the week of Jan 1)

Important: You must bring your qualifying ribbons, presenting your ribbons are the only way into the finals.

Visionaire Racing Official Qualifying Tournament dates were held Sundays in 2017: Dec 3, Dec 10 and Dec 17, qualifying racers are eligible for this Grand Finale race on Jan 7, 2018.

There will be three final races, as follows.

Stock Class Race

– Any of Red, Blue, White, Grey Ribbon (Not Creative Ribbon)
– Stock Motor restriction (Stock Class rules below)
– Ribbon holders may have won them in Modified classes, OK to race Stock.

Creative Class Race

– Only Creative Ribbon gets you into this race
– Stock Motor restriction (Stock Class rules below)

Modified Class Race

Wildcard First-Round:

– ALL GREY RIBBONS, CREATIVE RIBBON, plus the following conditions on RED/BLUE/WHITE.
– RED, BLUE, WHITE ribbon holders who won the ribbon in Stock races.
– Racer did not win the ribbon they are presenting for entry.
(passed on from friend, etc…, including RED/BLUE/WHITE ribbon)
– Racing a new car, (not the car which won the ribbon)

One racer will emerge from this wildcard round, to continue toward the trophy,

Modified Class, Final Round:

– RED, BLUE, WHITE RIBBONS (bypass Wildcard Round)
– One winning racer from wildcard round to continue here.
– Racer must have won the ribbon they are presenting for entry.
– RED/BLUE/WHITE ribbon holders may run a new car.
– Original racer does not have to be present to race, (someone else dropping your car).  This provision covers racers who’s travel plans were affected by the water leak and storm.

Car/Build Regulations

Stock Class General Rules:

Cars must be based on Box Stock motor, chassis, wheels, rollers, and fundamental mechanical components. Mixed box kits and artistic embellishment allowed (and encouraged!). You may bring your own car, or purchase one on site.

Modified Class cars to follow strict Tamiya Japan Cup rules*.

Hyper-Dash Series motors are the highest level of motor allowed. All cars may be inspected after the races are complete, inside and out, and may be subject to dismissal if infractions of the rules are discovered. You may bring your own Tamiya Mini4wd car and batteries, there is no fee for race entry or use of the circuit. Mini4wd Stock Kits, and Alkaline AA batteries will be available for sale on site (or across the street at drugstore). Only Ni-Cad or Alkaline battery technology allowed.

* Regarding Tamiya Japan Cup rules: As of December 2017, Tamiya has amended the rules with a massive change for 2018 racing.  To be fair to everyone tuning their cars with the 2017 rules, for our Grand Finale race, we will not adopt these new rules- and will follow the 2017 rules.  We will maintain the limit of 6 rollers, as well as keep the 2017 limit on the position of mass dampers.